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Social Enterprise Business Centre Promotes Responsible Procurement

Recently, social responsibility is gaining importance in society. Many corporates take social value into account in their procurement process and even set up or adjust its own responsible procurement policy. Yet, the policies of certain companies are limited to environmental protection. Therefore, responsible social procurement is not commonly formulated in Hong Kong.

To promote responsible social procurement, Social Enterprise Business Center (SEBC) has launched a SE Promotion Theme Page, which focuses on promoting specific types of SEs catering to the procurement needs of corporates. In addition to the promotion of those SEs, the theme page integrates the latest promotional messages provided by other SEs, so that the public could obtain the information easier. If you are interested in it, you are welcome to visit SE Promotion Theme Page.

SEBC also deepen corporates’ understanding towards social procurement by distributing eDM on a quarterly basis. The eDM contain useful information, including latest SE promotional messages and tips on responsible social procurement. Apart from that, you may also find SE short stories in the eDM, with intent to let corporates get to know more about SEs’ views and experiences in responsible social procurement. All SE short stories will be uploaded to SEBC’s website.

On the other hand, sponsored by the Home Affairs Department, SEBC conducted a survey on responsible social procurement that aims at increasing understanding of current procurement practices of local business and various organisations, as part of an effort to identify opportunities and challenges of social procurement, and promote B2B procurement from social enterprises. If you are interested in it, please click here for the survey result.