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News Update

SE Directory mobile app Brand New SE Directory Mobile Application and One-stop Information Platform

Let’s enrich your consumption by giving it a social value!

Hong Kong first SE Directory mobile application and one-stop information platform has been revamped to better serve the general public and different public or private units for accessing information of local social enterprises (SEs) anytime, anywhere. The SE Directory mobile application is tailor-made for users to search for SE products and services according to their personal preferences and purchase objectives, as well as to obtain up-to-date SE information.

Social Enterprise and You Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival Together Social Enterprise and You Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival Together

Social Enterprises (SEs) have prepared a variety of products and services to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with you, including moon cake, food hampers, flowers/fruits hampers, etc.

Future Camp@ 2017 Future Camp HK 2017

While moving into public housing estates could deserve a huge celebration for some, the process is not problem-free. Adjusting to a totally new environment, plus the complication associated with schooling, childcare, work and social life could post certain threats to families.

Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights

In this Mid-Autumn Festival, Goodgoods launch our self-brand mooncakes and partners with various SEs to launches a series of mooncake products to you.