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About Us:

AI Guided Limited is an award winning technology company, with 15+ awards and 7+ patents, located in Hong Kong Science Park that is committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology for social innovation. Our primary mission is to develop an AI vision on the edge computation, high-tech assistive platform, and AI smart wearable that are accessible to everyone, including those who are visually impaired. By fostering an inclusive society, we aim to bridge the gap between technology and individuals with disabilitie

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AI Guided Limited
6147 3140
Unit 709, 7/F, Building 19W, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, NT

Product and Service

GUIDi, AI haptic guiding system, aims to enhance the individual mobility for everyone including the visually impaired and other vulnerable groups during navigation. This smart wearable features:

  • Environmental visualization with machine vision for creating a 3D virtual map
  • AI programming for identifying and analyzing obstacles and dangers, and planning an obstacle-free path
  • Real-time 4D haptic actuation for dynamic navigation, providing the most direct response with high accuracy