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About Us:

Diamond Cab (HK) Ltd provides innovative barrier-free taxi service by five cabs and one hire car with wheelchair accessible configuration. Passengers on wheelchairs enjoy the hassle-free, safe and legal point-to-point transportation. Since Feb 2011, Diamond Cab has successfully accomplished over 180,000 wheelchair user orders.

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Diamond Cab
2521 1628
3020 6303
G/F, 115 Tai Nan Street, Shum Shui Po, KLN

Product and Service

Diamond Cab 24 hrs Quotation and Booking Hotline 2760-8771 arranges barrier-free taxi service for the passengers in need. Other than transportation, we are dedicated to innovate and change the caregiving culture. Diamond Leisure firstly launched in 2015, regularly driving wheelchair-bound elders in nursing homes to enjoy night activities with charity sponsorship. Now Diamond Leisure has scaled up to 6 times a month.