Wheel Power Challenge

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About Us:

Wheel Power Challenge is a Hong Kong-based NGO and social enterprise dedicated to promoting social inclusion for persons with physical disabilities. We offer experiential programs on wheelchair accessibility, sports empowerment programs for persons with physical disabilities, as well as accessibility assessment and hiking/beach wheelchair rental for mainstream outdoor programs. We strive to make Hong Kong a more inclusive place by removing physical barriers and increasing awareness about the challenges faced by wheelchair users.

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Wheel Power Challenge
Unit 56, Block B, 5/F, Tai Tak Industrial Building, 2-12 Kwai Fat Road, Kwai Chung, NT
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

1. Experiential Program on Wheelchair Accessibility:
"WHEEL We MEET" – this program offers the chance for participants to experience the daily lives of wheelchair users, while collecting useful accessibility information for use by the wheelchair user community. The experience ranges from 2 to 6 hours, and can be held at different locations from indoor to outdoor. It is a popular program for education institutes as well as companies’ CSR or teambuilding programs. 

2. Sports Empowerment Programs for Persons with Physical Disabilities:
• "WHEEL To BEACH" – every summer, we organize beach activities using specially-designed beach wheelchairs that can roll on sand and float on shallow water. Our services include on-site training and monitoring to ensure safety of all participants and volunteers.

• "WHEEL We HIKE" and "WHEEL We HIKE with TrailRider" – every fall and winter, we invite wheelchair users to explore and assess new barrier-free hiking routes with us. We also organize hiking activities using the “TrailRider” hiking wheelchair, so persons with disabilities can enjoy a wide variety of trails with the support from trained voluntary companions.

These sports empowerment programs are open to all rehab organizations / physiotherapists / occupational therapists / special schools / individual wheelchair users.

Corporate sponsorships and volunteering are welcomed to reduce participation costs by wheelchair users.

3. Accessibility Assessment and Adaptive Wheelchair Rental:
• "SHARE a WHEEL" – we provide accessibility assessments, route suggestions, and adaptive wheelchair rentals for a variety of outdoor activities, so as to create more opportunities for persons with physical disabilities to participate in mainstream outdoor activities, such as outdoor art festivals, eco field trips, walking tours, and community visits, etc.

Contact us at info@wheelpowerchallenge.org or our facebook page (https://facebook.com/wheelpowerchallenge) to experience our programs and support social inclusion.