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Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) compiles the Social Enterprise Directory (SE Directory) every year since 2007. To facilitate public access to social enterprise information in Hong Kong, SE Directory mobile application (iOS: & Android: and the online search engine (this website) are launched. SE Directory is recognized and supported by the HKSAR Government and has long been serving as an important reference material for advocating responsible consumption across government departments, public organizations, NGOs, SEs as well as corporations. SEBC strives to build a systematic social enterprise searching platform, and promote it to all sectors in order to enhance the publicity of social enterprises in Hong Kong. To this date, over 10,000 booklets have been issued, and the search engine and the mobile application have seen extensive use of more than 2,800,000 views and 5,900 downloads respectively.

The search engine of SE Directory enables easier and faster access to social enterprise information through three simple steps:

  1. choose the categories of "Business Nature", "District" and or "Social Mission";
  2. type the keyword (maximum three keywords per search); and
  3. press .

Based on the information inputted, the system promptly retrieves information of the related SEs.

Are you an eligible enterprise that would like to be listed in SE Directory? Visit the Download page to access application forms and other related information.

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