Breakthrough Gallery (Jordan Shop)

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About Us:

Through retail bookshops, we hope to provide lifestyle products to customers, including books and stationery; support fair trade, respect local culture, encourage creative design, practice 'Walk for a good life' through daily consumption and service different customers and groups.

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Breakthrough Gallery (Jordan Shop)
2377 8592
2736 6259
G/F, Breakthrough Centre, 191 Woo Sung Street, Jordan, KLN
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

Lifestyle products series include:

'Matchman‘ books and gifts series: It is a common match and has a body with many restrictions. It is afraid of water and fire but it hopes to challenge itself of becoming a fireman. Since it can bring personal potential and creativity into play when facing adversity, it becomes the role model of teenagers when they face challenges in lives.

'Qu' books and gifts series: She is a girl born with hearing impairment and has a pure heart. She demonstrates vitality different from others and she holds pure in heart.

Breakthrough publication: The publisher believes that 'reading leads to thinking and thinking leads to changes'. With the information explosion in the 21st century, we continues to provide diversified book series, aiming at incubating 'electronic' generation's reading habit and widening their spiritual space; inspiring them to create a positive and joyful attitude in life; having the courage to face limitations in the environment; and help to develop their critical thinking so that they can identify the truths from myths in an era filled with information. We also publish books for accompany of teenagers, hoping that helpers can help themselves in facing the problems when teenagers are growing up, by breaking the communication barrier.

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