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About Us:

Both the leather and footwear industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Virgin leather processing produces tannery effluents that are toxic and harmful to our waters, whilst the waste produces often involves sulphide, ammonia and other volatile compounds.

With over 50 years of experiences in footwear manufacturing and trading, we want to change how leather and footwear is being manufactured whilst helping like-minded organisations switch its practices. We have solid partners on materials supplies and certified factories that enable us to create products that are cleaner for the environment and production.

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6/F, 101 King's Road, Causeway Bay, HK

Product and Service

As a brand, we craft sustainable footwear using innovative materials like recycled leather that reuses 95% of its water, solvent free and created from factory and tannery remnants. We also use upcycled post-consumer plastics together with natural materials like cork and rubber to craft high-quality shoes.

In addition to our brand, we also work with fellow brands in switching their materials to sustainable alternatives. We have long term partner factories in textiles, weaving specially upcycled materials from post-consumer fishnet (Nylon), plastics (Polyester) and organic cotton. Our goal is to provide services in the fashion and lifestyle industry to use eco-friendly materials in their production at low MOQs.

In addition to tackling climate change, we are also advocating for anti-human trafficking. We raise awareness on our communication platforms on the growing crime, especially prevalent in Asia, we want to educate consumers to consume consciously and ethically. We partner with an NGO, Compassion First, where our goal is to donate 20% of our profits to this organisation to fight against this crime.