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About Us:

Smiling HeART originates from the story of a group of women with emotional distress. They determined to get out of their emotional illness and regain confidence through creating handcrafts. This group of ordinary housewives suffered from depression due to various pressures. Every day, they needed to face tremendous emotional distress and deal with endless social discrimination. Surprisingly, handcrafts creation created a comfort zone for them. During the process of stitching, they not only found their inner peace but also rebuilt their self-confidence.

Smiling HeART sells handcrafts made by people in recovery from mental illness, especially women with depression. It aims to promote social inclusion and raise public awareness of mental health.

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Smiling HeART
5565 1223 / 3460 6089
3709 6237
No.3, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Concourse, KLN
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Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

Smiling HeART" mainly sells various handmade decorations and practical products, including cards, fabric items, clay products, magnets, and wooden items. "Smiling HeART" also provides employee training, lectures, and stress-reduction workshops for enterprises, schools, and institutions. The content includes explanations of mental health information by mental health professionals, sharing of recovery stories by people in recovery from mental illness to help participants understand more about mental health recovery, and art workshops led by handicraft instructors to help participants learn how to relieve stress through art creation.

Our workshops include:
• Creative Horticultural Workshop
• Aroma Stone Workshop
• Knot Knitting Workshop
• Nagomi Art Bookmark Workshop
• Mandala Drawing Relaxation Workshop
• Warm Aroma Candle Workshop
• Light Bulb Flower Vase Workshop
• Caring Moisturizer Workshop
• Hygge Brush Calligraphy Workshop
• Foil Quill Craft on Leather Workshop