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In 2013, Light Be successfully launched Light Home and started renting apartments from different landlords to sublease the property to the less privileged at an affordable rent. This unprecedented service had drawn the attention of the landlords swiftly; they willingly offer their apartments for a term of years as Light Home in the form of philanthropic investments.

Light Home families have proven themselves to be responsible tenants during the three-year tenancies. They have effectively made use of the time and space provided by Light Home to empower themselves prior to moving out.

Light Be is now moving onto another stage of growth. Apart from working with individual landlords, Light Be has started to rent apartments from the commerce sector, welfare sector, as well as the Government. It continues to explore various ways to rediscover and reemphasize the great social value of real estate.

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Light Home Scheme
2806 1911
2806 1933
Room E, 1/F, Luckifast Building, 1 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, HK
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

It was small action of common people making Light Home to come true.  

In 2013, Light Be successfully launched Light Home, started to rent apartments from landlords and then subleased them to the less privileged at affordable rent. Through experience, Light Be has developed an Empowerment Housing model.