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About Us:

Time to Gold was established in 2021. "Time To Gold" is a social enterprise dedicated to preserving traditional pastry culture. It is not aimed at maximizing profits. The main profits will be reinvested in the business itself to achieve its social goals. We strike our best to promote pastries renovation, women empowerment and elderly employment.

SE Information:

Time To Gold
9818 2324
124 The Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, HK
Accredited under the SEE Mark:
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

"Time To Gold" adds new elements and new images to nostalgic pastries, develops innovative flavors, and sells them in its own flagship stores, major consignment points and markets, expanding the original sales channels of the brand and improving the income of retired women. On the other hand, we will share character stories, interesting pastry allusions, vivid cultural records, etc., so as to activate the pastry image. The younger generation does not know much about pastries, and many time-honored brands have no successors to the next generation. "Time To Gold" will hire pastry masters to be the instructor of the experience workshop. While affirming the master's lifelong skills, he will also share the pastry culture, increase the public's attention and interest in pastry, and inherit the precious tradition of pastry craftsmanship.