CookEasy Production Centre

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About Us:

CookEasy, established in 2008, is dedicated to produce fresh and quality food pack for customers while providing working and training opportunities for people with disabilities. In 2016, licensed CookEasy Production Centre is established, funded by the ‘Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities (PWDs) through Small Enterprise’ project of the Social Welfare Department, as business expansion. It offers flexible food manufacturing services and custom-made CSR solutions meeting the needs of corporates and community. It has total 40 employees and over 50% of them are people with disabilities.

SE Information:

CookEasy Production Centre
2562 5900
2616 9571
3/F, Sang Hing Industrial Building, 81-83 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, NT
Funding Source:
"Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise" Project

Product and Service

  • Central kitchen fresh and cooked food processing service
  • Produce high quality care food for elderly and persons with swallowing difficulties
  • Procurement, preparation & delivery service of raw food materials for institutes, kindergartens and care homes
  • Fresh food packs production and delivery service
  • Catering service
  • Soup, dessert and healthy drink production and delivery services