Social Enterprise Business Centre

CookEasy Production Centre

About Us:

CookEasy is one of social enterprise orgainsed by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Funded by the “ Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise” Project of Social Welfare Department, CookEasy Production Centre is a new business expansion of CookEasy. The new vertical expansion of production hub which guarantees a stable and standardized quality output. Apart from food pack business, the new business would also expand into the cooked food market for enhancing the competitiveness of the business.

SE Information:

CookEasy Production Centre
2562 5900
2616 9571
3/F, Sang Hing Industrial Building, 81-83 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung, NT
Funding Source:
"Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise" Project

Product and Service

  • Produce and supply stable quality semi-food/ cooked-food to chain restaurants and catering group
  • Procurement, preparation & delivery service of raw food materials for institutes, kindergartens and care homes
  • Fresh food packs production and delivery service
  • Function catering service
  • Soup/ dessert, Ginger Stew with Pork Trotters and healthy drink production and delivery services
  • Provide high quality soft meal for elderly and persons with swallowing difficulties