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Char Yoga and Wellness is a Hong Kong-based self-sustaining social enterprise yoga and singing bowl studio (Hong Kong Social Enterprise Federation SEE MARK certification number 0134), that advocates the benefits of yoga and singing bowl therapy, and provides urban body and mind solutions, promotes a well balance of physical, spiritual, and mental health of individual, especially cancer survivors. Char Yoga and Wellness is committed to advocate early rehabilitation exercise, remove physical body tightness, discomfort, and negative emotion after surgery and medical treatment, to regain body mobility and flexibility.

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Char Yoga and Wellness
5225 5538
1402, Kwai Cheong Center, 50 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong
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Product and Service

As a social enterprise yoga and singing bowl studio, Char Yoga and Wellness provides more than 30 classes and workshops on yoga, singing bowl, and handicrafts, including the Pink Yoga class which was firstly launched in Hong Kong, to promote cancer warriors' physical and mental health. In addition, the studio also offers a Singing Bowl Therapist Certificate Course and a Steel Tongue Drum Certificate Course certified by the Yoga Alliance.

Aiming to give back to society, we have been cooperating with NGOs from different cancer service centers and more to encourage cancer warrior yoga coaches to teach cancer warriors, share rehabilitation tips, and strive to promote breast health, the importance of breast examinations, and early rehabilitation treatment. By establishing a "Singing Bowl Therapist Team" to serve various communities and to share the benefits of yoga and singing bowl healing, such as releasing negative emotions and reducing anxiety, reducing the discomfort caused by medical treatment, restoring the body's strength and flexibility, etc., helps cancer warriors rebuild their confidence in life.