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Small Business Advancement Scheme Call for Application Small Business Advancement Scheme Call for Application!

Have you encountered operational difficulties in running, sustaining or scaling a small business or social enterprise? The Small Business Advancement Scheme is designed to help participating small businesses and social enterprises address their operational challenges and improve their efficiency through support provided by industry experts and retired senior managers.

Come and Join our Scheme! Deadline of application is 26 May. 

For more details, please visit our website

Good Goods Dragon Boat Festival Good Goods Dragon Boat Festival Highlights

In this Dragon Boat Festival, Goodgoods partners with BS Kitchen and HOPEmade Sharing Kitchen and launches nine flavors of dumpling products to you. 

Future Camp HK Future Camp HK

Future Camp is an idea generation exercise organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service; which addressing the hot social issues happening in Hong Kong. With engagement of the stakeholders across different sectors, including the professionals, social workers, business experts and the local communities, it attempts to find out concrete proposals for accomplishing in the immediate future.

SE Good Start SE Good Start is now available for downloading! 社聯編製及出版《初創社企實用手冊》及《法律形式的選擇及運作建議》,為有意營辦社企的人士提供一系列實用參考資料,內容包括闡釋一般企業與社會企業的分別、由「構思、孕育、創新、投資及創效」五個範疇探討營辦社企的主要考量因素,並就本港現行可供選擇的組織結構及運作模式,提供資料分析及個案參考等,為業界以至公眾人士提供一套營運社會企業的實務典範。 2016-08-17