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SE_Award_icon Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017


The Government has all along been encouraging and promoting the development of social enterprises (SEs).  In 2011, the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) and the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee (the Organiser) organised for the first time the Social Enterprise Award Scheme in recognition of outstanding SEs which operated in Hong Kong, with the aim of sharing the best practices for the sector and promoting SE’s caring culture of “Business for Good” in the community.  This year, there will be two major categories of award under the 3rd Social Enterprise Award Scheme (the Scheme). The “Outstanding SE” Award will recognise local SEs with outstanding performance and high popularity; while the “Friends of SE” Award will commend the efforts of individuals and organisations in supporting SEs so as to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration for the development of SEs.

Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights

In this Mid-Autumn Festival, Goodgoods launch our self-brand mooncakes and partners with various SEs to launches a series of mooncake products to you. 

Call for Action - Accounting and Financial Management Essential for small businesses Small Business Advancement Scheme Skills-based Training Workshop (II) - Call for Application

Do you know how to manage your business operation or self-financing projects via the insight of financial statement analysis? How to make use of accounting knowledge to run your business and manage asset allocation? For more information, please sign up for our training workshops! 

Come and Join our training workshop! Please register here by 24 July 2017.

For more details, please visit our website

Future Camp HK Future Camp HK

Future Camp is an idea generation exercise organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service; which addressing the hot social issues happening in Hong Kong. With engagement of the stakeholders across different sectors, including the professionals, social workers, business experts and the local communities, it attempts to find out concrete proposals for accomplishing in the immediate future.