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About Us:

Provide various professional resources and formulate appropriate training plans for continuous professional development

Apply our professional knowledge to serve low-income, multicultural and multilingual communities with communication disorders, and thus to improve their living standards

Our Mission: 
For Professionals
Speech therapists and audiologists provide services to people who suffer from speech, language and communication disorders and dysphagia. With the development of clinical equipment and technology as well as the social and economical growth, professionals are expected to study continuously and equip themselves with the latest professional knowledge and skills. We provide speech therapy assessment tools, training workshops, seminars as well as research project consultation services for professionals such as speech therapists, audiologists and other related professionals to further improve their skills and knowledge and thus to create huge value to the professional services.

For Communities
We organize public educational talks to enhance public awareness of communication disorders, thereby promoting the core value of understanding and accepting people with communication disorders. As professional speech therapists and audiologists, we often cooperate with the community and serve low-income, multicultural and multilingual communities with communication disorders. We proactively take responsibility to serve all communities for creating a society with mutual respect and understanding.

Speech and Hearing Social Enterprise is committed to contributing back to the community. Our operating income will be used to provide free educational talks and speech therapy and audiology services at an affordable price for people with financial difficulties.

SE Information:

Speech and Hearing Social Enterprise Limited
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Room 303, Academic Building No.2, CUHK, Sha Tin, NT

Product and Service

The Speech and Hearing Social Enterprise is established with the aim of enhancing professional standards in speech therapy and audiology. In adhering to the 3 elements of evidenced-based practice (scientific knowledge, client's and their family's concerns and needs and the clinicians own experience), we provide the following products and services globally.

  • Validated assessment tools
  • Evidence based treatment resources
  • Professional training workshops and seminars
  • Consultancy to organizations regarding service delivery and/or research projects
  • On-site/online training to front-line staff including speech therapists, audiologists and related professions.

The Speech and Hearing Social Enterprise also shares the mission of social responsiblility which will include public education and providing quality services to those from lower income families and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The revenue generated is channelled to the provision of free educational talks as well as low-cost speech therapy and audiological service to such individuals and families.