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About Us:

Bees and humans share a delicate and interwoven relationship that has been instrumental in supporting the well-being of both species. Bees are vital pollinators of almost two-thirds of the corps that are integral to human nourishment and health. In turn, humans can play a crucial role in fostering a supportive environment for bees by providing habitats, resources such as flowers, and managed hives.

Established in 2020, Beetales dedicates itself to bees’ conservation in Hong Kong through (1) conservation, (2) education, and (3) vocation, and envisioning to ensure a sustainable future for both bees and humans.

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Room 7C, Chi Wah Industrial Building, 1 King Hong Street, Kwai Chung, NT

Product and Service

For conservation, we provide bee rescue services to save honeybees from being killed by insecticides. We aspire to establish a bee rescue team that resides in all districts of Hong Kong and adopts modern and sustainable solutions to relocate bees to nature or to our conservation center.

For education, we provide a series of workshops to the general public, students, and teachers. It is hoped that people can break incorrect stigmatization and stereotypes towards bees by learning evidence-based knowledge and interacting with the honeybees we keep in our conservation centers. We also actively engage teachers and parents in our educational program, hoping to create a positive chain of "train-the-trainers" to maximize our efforts in promoting bee conservation in Hong Kong.

For vocation, we commercialize local honey and beeswax products to attract the attention of the general public. Besides honey soap and lipstick, we have also created a locally brewed mead that evaluates the value of honey. It is hoped that people can contribute their efforts by buying our products to support our work in saving bees in Hong Kong. Besides creating a product line, we have also established a structural training program to encourage youngsters to devote themselves to this sunset industry.