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About Us:

DunDum Solutions Group provides business solutions for corporates to implement Sustainability. Started out as an eco-social enterprise in 2015, we were then named DunDum Limited, i.e. "dont dump limited", to symbolize our deep passion in environmental protection. We offer one stop solution on recycling, upcycling and green technologies implementation for commercial needs. Years down the road, DunDum Solutions Group has now ventured into broader scopes of businesses covering 3 pillars namely

1) sustainability

2) biotechnology,

and 3) education.

All of our work echoes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs), particularly on 3,4,8,9,11,12,17. DunDum Solutions Group has been recognized by the Business Environment Council (BEC) Sustainable Consumption Program for fostering sustainable consumption among the Hong Kong business community.

SE Information:

DunDum Solutions Group

Product and Service

Office Furniture Recycle and Resales Service
Sustainable Office Furnishing
Green Technology Adoption and Implementation
Eco-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaigns
Premium Reselling Service
Green start-up or corporates Advisory
Eco-brand/ Upcycled Product Launch, Marketing & Strategies
ESG reporting (contact us to obtain a template/ sample)

Tech-transfer and Commercialization (from Lab Bench to Market)
Intellectual Property Management
Research and Development advisory
Technical Due Diligence for investment/ M&A
Fundamental Analysis on Public Listed Biotech Companies
Global Technologies Sourcing
Technical roles Head Hunting
Biotech companies board member / INED sitting
Fund raising

by means of lectures/ seminars, workshops, consultation sessions.
Design thinking
Social Innovation
Start up and Entrepreneurship, particularly Technopreneurship
Material Science
Product Development
Higher Education Dissertation and Thesis