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Wholesale, retail and environmental recycling of mobile phones, tablet computers, computers, video games, printers, and printer consumables

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Shop 66-69, 1/F, Metro Sham Shui, No. 226-242 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, KLN

Product and Service

Our company has been engaged in the wholesale and retail of printers, printer consumables and electronic peripheral products for many years. In recent years, we have actively responded to the environmental protection recycling plan. In order to strengthen the public's attention to recycling, our company has actively promoted recycling. Mainly recycle used ink and toner cartridges to collect, sort, clean and then return them to the relevant remanufacturers; electronic products such as printers and computers contact the relevant large recycling companies for recycling, thereby reducing the amount of landfill disposal. 

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, all schools moved classes at home via Zoom. As a result, many grassroots parents do not have printers to help their children print their homework. Seeing this, our company has launched a cost price to help citizens to print their homework, which has solved everyone's urgent needs. For details, please visit

Our company is happy to support disadvantaged groups by providing employment opportunities and training. Since its establishment, our company has hired a number of disabled people in the disabled people's association to help with the distribution of flyers and the simple delivery and delivery of goods in the store. In 2015, we hired a new immigrant lady to work in our Kwun Tong warehouse from part-time to full-time. She worked for four years until we closed the Kwun Tong warehouse. After that, she was successfully employed by a large decoration company. Our company's official website was completed by just an IT apprentice at the time; his education was pre-professional game design, and he never studied web design. He worked in our company for 6 years and learned while doing it, he obtained the qualification of Google SEO engineer at last and later established his own IT company, Simultaneously worked as a web design engineer in a Hong Kong IT company. A mentally ill person is still working as a part-time technical support officer in our company, mainly responsible for dealing with the technical problems of the customer's printing. Also hired part-time sales clerk from restaurant waiters who were forced to close due to the epidemic.