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About Us:

The "Smart Helper Dishwashing Center" is a dishwashing center that promotes employment of disadvantaged social groups and new arrivals. Our center used the latest long-dish dishwasher to enhance the hygiene of tableware washing. In an inclusive workplace, internship training and employment opportunities are provided for people of different abilities, so that they can become self-reliant and integrate into society. Be responsible for your own profits and losses, and at the same time it have to refund to the society while operating.

SE Information:

Smart Wash
6808 0741
Unit G, 6/F Reason Group Tower, No. 403 -413 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, NT
Funding Source:
The Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme

Product and Service

In addition to restaurants, schools, and food markets, we can provide long-term, short-term, and temporary dishwashing services. The flexibility is simple and the center is open throughout the year. 24 hours a day, dedicated staff answer the phone. At the same time, the service also has tableware collection and delivery service, flexible time processing, and direct negotiation between the center and the restaurant. At the same time, special preferential prices are provided for social enterprise restaurants to achieve mutual assistance and mutual benefit.