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About Us:

Our belief is 'For Bodies & Minds'. Embrace your true self and be confident. To us, that is the true essence of beauty,
Through our online platform, seminars and 'experential fitting room', we aim at sharing our professional knowledge and experience about underwear with women across different age groups. We advocate that every woman should feel secure, be confident and healthy.
We empower women to gain control of their health by educating them about their body as well as how an ill-fitting bra wil affect their health.

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Comfort Me
3106 8923 / 3621 0468 / 6730 0473 (Whatsapp) / 9603 8733 (Whatsapp)
1/F, No.210 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, KLN
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Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

Our Mission: 
~ Promote women with depth understanding of the physiology of chest, understanding the relationship between personal health and wearing appropriate bust.
~Educating women to define their own beauty. We believe that the acceptance of the original and unique of their own, is the beginning of love theirselves. We advocate buy bust with three major needs: comfort, protection and beauty.
We build online platforms, community auditoriums and "experiential centers" to share the professional knowledge and experience of underwear to women in different age range.
~ Online platform: A virtual store with a catalog, health knowledge, experience, and forum for sisters to share their views and questions.
~ Community Lectures: Giving talk from specialists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and  specialists of underwear design and production.
~ Experiential center: Let the participants try on underwear, and share the experience of choosing the right underwear

Comfort Me advocate high quality, appropriate price and service to reach the community:
1. Breast cancer treatment and rehabilitation - the face of   scarce special underwear products and services that are difficult to afford
2. Women in single-parent family - the quality of underwear bust consumption of economic pressure
3. Female  students -  lack of knowledge about underwear chest and less tailor-made services
4. Mentally handicapped girls - Being neglected of the provision of service about bust, underwear, health products and service.

Quality materials and tailoring design to meet all age range of women with different fuctions the body needs.
Young girls bust: the price of about HK $ 200 / three
Treatment and Recovery Bust: From HK $ 299/3 pieces, HK $ 500/3 pieces