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About Us:

StarUp Wonders is committed to providing art training and job opportunities for Youth with Intellectual disabilities (YID) so that society can appreciate and affirm the talents of YID, so that they can enhance their self-worth and self-confidence.

Also injects artistic design elements into corporate commodities and packaging and provides customized gift services.

And promotes brand cooperation to make corporate image and products sustainable, and promote social inclusion.

SE Information:

StarUp Wonders
7075 8814
2338 6077
Room 130,1/F, Block B, Chung Hing Industrial Mansion, 2-4 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, KLN
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

Art training: Provide art painting courses to Youth with Intellectual disabilities (YID). To express their emotions through painting, they can also make a living. StarUp Wonders established an illustration team of YID, commercialized their collaborative art paintings into products, and launched them into the market, enhancing their self-worth and self-confidence.

Job training: Through physical sales and related work training, let YID learn the basic skills of retail services, so as to improve social communication skills so that the mentally handicapped youth can obtain personal growth and job satisfaction.

Own brand: StarUp Wonders creative gift is a boutique of life department stores made of illustrations of YID.

Cooperative brand: Redesign the company's branded products and packaging, and inject the art of YID, which can enhance the corporate image and make the products sustainable.

Customized gifts: Customized independent and exclusive commemorative gifts for individuals or companies.

Art Inclusion Activities: Provide art experience and cohesion activities, so that people with different abilities can come together, break down the barriers between each other through art, and work together to create different beauty under creative interaction.