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About Us:

Aroma Office specializes in designing leisure incense products and delivering scent-making experiences. Located at Tuen Mun, a place away from the hectic life in Hong Kong, Aroma Office is dedicated to promoting mental health, sustainability, diversity and inclusion. People can put aside their worries for a while and find their inner peace by joining our events.

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Aroma Office
5536 7043
Workshop 14, 5/F, 99COMMONS, 99 Pui To Road, Tuen Mun, NT

Product and Service

We are recruiting silver-aged people aged 55 or above living in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tsim Sha Tsui who are interested in gardening and craftsmanship to join us as Scent Officers. In the 2-day training program, we will talk through the basics of scent cultures and planting knowledge with them.

Ever since 2019, we have been training silver-aged people as our Scent Officers. Upon completion of program, they can assist in delivering workshops and development incense products, turning their interests into profits and keeping up the learning habits.

Old is a family treasure. We have faith in the silver-aged power and would like to pass along the knowledge via lively interaction.