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With the goal of carbon neutrality and promoting local agriculture development, we are building indoor farms on abandoned agricultural land so those land can be replanted. Solar power systems will also be installed either on top or nearby our indoor farms. This will promote local renewable energy development, reduce carbon emissions, and improve air quality.

Our indoor farm in Sheung Shui is adopting the Aquaponic system, which reduces the loss of irrigation water by 95%. Fish wastes are used as natural nutrients to grow organic fruits and vegetables, which improves food safety.

For those solar power systems nearby the indoor farms, we will utilize black soldier flies to treat and decompose food waste. Black soldier flies’ excrements will transform into clean, odor-free organic compost. Pupa, and some grown black soldier flies, will become organic fish food, feeding our farmed freshwater fish. The remaining black soldier flies will reproduce, which will increase food waste decomposition productivity.

We are currently working with a local florist to provide upskill training to our staff to meet future business needs. Our food waste decomposition service is extended to floral waste, with customers returning withering flowers and bouquets. This will promote environmental protection concepts and recycling operations, which in turn would reduce the load on local landfills. Withering flowers can be upcycled as dried flowers, those further in the process can be decomposed by black soldier flies in our facilities.

To increase production capacity, we have identified suitable land to expand our indoor farms. We will start the first phase of the project in the next few months and is expected to be put be fully operational early next year.

On the people side, we are looking for suitable institutions to partner with. Our aim is for sheltered workshops to upgrade and transform, providing more complete employment training and create employment opportunities.

SE Information:

Slash Social Enterprise
2697 6173
DD92 LOT 1330, Kam Tsin Village, Sheung Shui, NT
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service


  • Build or addition alteration of indoor farms
  • Partner with organizations to operate indoor farms
  • Recycling food waste and bouquets


  • Upcycled dried flowers for sale
  • Natural organic compost for sale
  • Organic animal feed for sale
  • Organic fruits and vegetables for sale
  • Freshwater aquatic products for sale
  • Indoor Farming System for rental/sale