The Deaf Cafeteria

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About Us:

Deaf cafeteria was established by the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf in 1995. It is the first restaurant in Hong Kong that is operated by the hearing impaired and is located at the Lions Nature Education Centre in Tsiu Hang, Sai Kung. The cafeteria aims to provide training and job opportunities to the deaf. The message behind of its Chinese name is to proclaim that the hearing impaired are also competent and are able to contribute to the society with their remaining hearing.

SE Information:

The Deaf Cafeteria
2791 0834
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Lion’s Nature Education Centre, Tsiu Hang, Sai Kung, NT
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

Deaf cafeteria finishes its redecoration in 2016 and changes to a mid-range restaurant. It serves freshly made food with low sodium and fat, such as handmade pizza, beef cheeseburgers and coffee with latte art etc. Moreover, the cafeteria provides catering services and holds experiential learning activities for various organizations to foster the integration of able-bodied and disabled persons.