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About Us:

The Edible Projects (T.E.P.) is a social enterprise established in 2019 with the mission to develop a self-sustainable charity business that creates career
opportunities for autistic youths. The brand offers health-focused café outlets and ready-to-cook frozen food products.
T.E.P is run by a group of devotees from different backgrounds with professionals who are passionately working towards one shared vision: to support autistic youths in taking ownership and empowering them to blossom in our society. We invite the general public to support us through donations and volunteer service to continuously provide these youths with employment opportunities.

SE Information:

The Edible Projects
G/F, 1K Wing On Street, Peng Chau

Product and Service

T.E.P. Café : There are 2 cafes in Pang Chau and Sham Shui Po respectively. They serve as a training centre for SEN youths and employs women in the community. Autistic youths working at the Café have the opportunity to swap their working location to experience catering services on a bigger, faster scale with more responsibilities. Graduated candidates from our internship programs will be offered career matching support by LoveXpress.
T.E.P. Ready-to-Cook is a sustainable food brand that provides more career opportunities for autistic individuals by hiring them to help create and package meals. The brand offers a wide variety of premium half-cooked frozen food items. Heat the dish slightly after removing the packaging to enjoy, not only do customers get to easily enjoy high-quality foods, it significantly decreases the labour and time needed to cook.