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About Us:

The Toy industry is the most plastic-intensive industries in the world, producing over USD 22b worth of toys each year. Due to its short life span and mostly not recyclable, 80% end up in our landfills. By promoting a circular economy for families to share toys and children's equipment, it can reduce the use of plastics, carbon emission but most of all, educate our next generation to start a sustainable habit at a young age.

Happy Baton is HK's first online toy rental subscription, with credible partners from medical and educational fields. Each toy box is curated based on the child's developmental needs and grows with the child each month. Our toys and equipment are mostly made from sustainable materials like wood with accredited certificates that are safe for young children. Beyond our premium physical toys, we also offer parents educational content and resources to play with their children, to promote a joyful learning at home.

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Happy Baton Limited
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Room 32, Level 5, Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, HK
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Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

We are addressing the problem of over-consumption of toys – a commodity that is necessary in every childhood, a great tool for learning and growth, however it is a huge burden to the environment. To build a circular economy for premium toys that are desirable for families, we hope to educate our younger generation to borrow, share, and cherish the toys that are circulated. Our educational content also aims to connect parents with their children through play. With the competitive school environment and psychological issues that comes with it, we hope to make learning fun and enjoyable at home.

Our platform encompasses some key gaps in the toy industry today in HK

  • Hassle free rental subscription: our team selects based on the child's needs
  • Premium second hand children’s equipment hire for both end consumer and venues like playrooms
  • Relevant content that is tied to specific toys & developmental needs
  • Premium second hand toy reselling option for parents who want to donate to Happy Baton