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About Us:

Logos Bookhouse has been dedicated to promoting reading culture for more than two decades. We truly believe in the power of reading. Reading not only transform lives, enriches and nurtures spiritual lives of many, but also amplifies the beauty and positive values in life. By introducing quality publications, we hope to change lives, benefit our society and fulfil our "triple bottom line" of bringing social, economic and kingdom impact. Especially in today's mobile-reading era, where reading is often "de-contextualized", we believe in promoting quality and deep reading. As a culture platform, we strive to keep our pace closely with time and serve in a professional manner. Thus, our collaborative partners can reveal their creativity, innovation and inspiration as we uphold the serving spirit and benevolence of Christ, and give our best to contribute to our community.

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Logos Book House (Causeway Bay)
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15/F, Congregation House, 119 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, HK
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Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

In addition to selling books and products in line with our philosophy, we have also been supporting indie publishers, and helping in various underprivileged groups and NGOs to voice out their needs through our platforms. By promoting their books and products, greater social impact is created. We unite with partners from different sectors, including cancer survivors, the disabled, education (such as ADHD students, children counseling, liberal studies, law education and more), fair trade, social economy, housing problems, local agriculture and so forth. For instance, one of our close partners, Ms. SO Kam-mui, who travels in a wheelchair, has published the book, Rejoice in Hope: The Legend of So Kam-mui (in Chinese) under InPress (an imprint of Logos Ministries). The book has been reprinted for eight times whereas the net income has been donated to charity which in turns creates greater social impact. Moreover, to promote sustainable living, we launched the "sustainable@Logos" programme two years ago. Old books donated are collected and being rejuvenated. Up till now, we have sold more than 35,000 second-hand books and the revenue generated supports seminary students in purchasing books. Among these second-hand books, we also donate suitable ones to other social service centres or charitable institutions that support the underprivileged.