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About Us:

"We can no longer tolerate factories and shops throwing away the usable textile to the landfill." From early man to the modern day, leather has been as enduring feature of almost every era of design and fashion. However, humans have been taking leather and other materials for granted. Because each year, thousands upon thousands tones of martials are discarded to the landfills, creating masses of usable waste.

Therefore, starting from the end of 2018, Upcyco began rescuing scraps of leather waste by re-thinking innovative use of these waste materials. The signature upcycling products of Upcyco is the stitchless wallet. Without using extra materials, we created a wallet by just using an interlocking system. Since the materials are collected from industry, each wallet is unique. Also, we provide job opportunities to those who are in need, especially mothers who want to work while being able to take care of their children. Flexible works can help the disadvantaged women to gain extra income to support their daily life.

SE Information:

9378 6068
Room 1316, 13/F, Chao's Industrial Building,Tuen Mun, NT

Product and Service

Stitchless Line - Bi-Fold Wallets & Envelope Case
The stitchless line products are entirely made with split leather that are rescued from the local leather industry in Hong Kong. Inspired by traditional woodworking joints, we developed a 2D version of the joining method for leather. We name it the Interlocking Flat Joint. It substitutes the traditional way of sewing leather together, allowing the product to be made without the binding agent of glue & threads.

Furoshiki Multi-purpose Cloth
A simple multi-purpose reusable cloth, an alternative to modern day wrapping paper, plastic shopping bag...etc. Made with rescued fabrics and upcycled locally by sheltered workshops.

Upcycling workshops will be conducted to educate the participants about eco-friendly living and the environmental problems in Hong Kong. They will learn how to do upcycling in the workshop as well.