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About Us:

OneSEN believes that each person's life is precious and unique, and even though the ability of SEN children with Special Education Needs may seem small, it does not change the value of that life.  For example, the Japanese currency, the ONE SEN, has been abandoned by mainstream society because of its small value (ONE SEN = 1/100th of a Japanese yen), but some currency enthusiasts and collectors regard it as a treasure and now collect it for about 1000 times its face value!  Similarly, SEN children may not be what society expects them to be, but they also have many great qualities that are waiting to be discovered. Our philosophy is to work with families and professional bodies to uncover the strengths of SEN children and to spread positive values out.

SE Information:

9502 7220
Room 9B01, 9/F, Great Wall Factory Building, 11 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok, KLN
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

OneSEN is a social enterprise dedicated to support parents of SEN children and their families, and in 2021, we became a start-up social enterprise supported by the SIE Fund.  We are currently providing a wide range of support and value-added services to 3,000 SEN families, including the “OneSEN Academy” for parents/caretakers, the “Precious Corner” emotional stress reduction class, the “Heart to Heart Programme” for parental skill training, as well as consultation services to individual family and we provide one-to-one peer services too.

At the same time, we also create work-from-home opportunities for single parents/low-income SEN parents/caretakers. We believe that no one is an island, that SEN children are not sinners, and that their caretakers are not sinners too.  OneSEN provides a platform for positive emotions family supports, where parents can share and learn sensibly, upgrade their skills, and translate their valuable 'lived experience' to fill the gaps in the society.  Our vision is to make the society the real beneficiary: social enterprises, welfare organisations, charities and SEN families, matched appropriately to promote mutual benefits, and to embrace social inclusion.