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About Us:

Eco-Greenergy is an environmental social enterprise of which the core business includes Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, food waste recycling and eco products retail sales & customization. From daily operation to product selection and design, being eco and user-friendly is our core value. With simple and sustainable solutions, customers can go green with us easily!

SE Information:

3689 3965
Room 4D, 4/F, So Tao Centre, 11-15 Kwai Sau Road, Kwai Chung, NT
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Product and Service

1. Coffee grounds recycling service: Recycle coffee grounds for corporate and provide recycling data;
2. Coffee grounds compost donation service: Donate coffee grounds compost to local farms, schools and NGOs to support local farming activities;
3. Coffee grounds soap making workshop: Organize the workshop for corporate, school or NGOs to convey eco knowledge through the coffee grounds upcycling activity;
4. Coffee grounds upcycled products: Produce and sell the coffee grounds upcycled products at our e-shop and distribution points;
5. Coffee grounds & plastic-free corporate premium: Produce customized eco gifts for corporate, schools and NGOs and utilize the gift to spread the eco message;
6. Plastic-free / natural products: Produce and sell plastic-free / natural products at our e-shop and distribution points