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About Us:

Flappyland is a co-working platform of an global eco Art campaign. It is a campaign to encourage people to participate by doing what they are talented and contribute to our campaign instead of ordinary eco campaign requires everyone to do the same thing at the same time such as picking trash on the beach. We aim to promote image of Eco campaign as fascinating experience with the theme of a bird named FLAPPY.

Flappy is a bird figure wand made out of shampoo bottle pump by adding on the heart shaped wings and eyes stickers. It is a 5-minute simple craft to inspire the Upcycle life philosophy and promote clean recycling habit.

We spread the “Upcycle” story of Flappy which was once a worthless pump and created to be disposable, but someone see it in a different way and turn it into a bird out of creativity and persistence. This bird named FLAPPY will fly across the ocean to inspire people to go green creatively. We hope people will look up to Flappy as a icon that never underestimate the potential in each of us to make the world a better place. Imagination will help us see the possibilities and beauty in everything.

Through making FLAPPY, participants have to prepare an empty shampoo bottle with a procedure of cleansing, drying and removing the pump dispenser. After that, the shampoo bottle has been properly prepared for recycling and encourage the participants to realize how easy to achieve clean recycling habit and enjoyable upcycling experience. Since the pump dispenser is a daily object, whenever the person touches it again, it become a friendly reminder to go green.

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Flappyland Eco Art Campaign
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Product and Service

Most eco campaigns focus on actions and results, we focus on changing the thoughts. We blend in eco campaigns with colors, fun and creativity that wherever we go, people welcome us with smiles and laughter. Other than upcycle art workshops, eco promotion campaigns and charity events, our team travel around the world with FLAPPY, introducing the upcycle art to the locals and share our aspirations. FLAPPY becomes an universal language of saving the world together without cultural boundaries. We believe “Thoughts leads to actions”, our goal is to preserve the beauty of the planet creatively. Hoping one day FLAPPY will like “birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky”.

Flappyland collaborates with international brands, enterprises, shopping malls and charity organizations to promote “clean recycling” in Hong Kong through eco art performance, work- shop and exhibitions. We joined hands with celebrities, singers, actors and sports teams to promote Eco fashion and Lifestyle as a hip trend. We try to bring social harmony by organizing volunteers to work with charity organizations and to provide opportunities for the poor and disabled people to enjoy the eco art experience. Our mission is more than go green, we try to bring colors to our society.

FLAPPYLAND is spreading the love to the city through our eco and charity campaigns. We were invited by G.T. (ELLEN YEUNG) College to join their Eco fundraising event for cancer patients. Our Flappy eco art booth showed a diversity of eco education through animation video, custom-made games and DIY workshop sessions. Also, we join hands with “Green Sense” launching the 8th “NO AIR CON NIGHT” 2017 promoting low carbon lifestyle in Hong Kong. Our “Go Green” campaign in collaboration with “Lok Chi Association” connecting the ables and disable to promote social harmony. FLAPPY team was gratified that has spread the eco message to the public regardless of age, race, and social status.