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Founded in 2014 in Sham Shui Po, Above and Beyond Education is the first social enterprise that instructs on positive education and social-emotional learning, focusing on the needs of grassroots families.  We believe that "no student is unteachable if the right method is used". Integrating evidence-based "positive education" and “social-emotional learning” into students' life, we aim to develop children's self-efficacy, positive emotions, resilience, and character strengths.  We are also dedicated to promoting positive parenting in order to build up happy families and ultimately a happy community.  Because of landlord issue, the physical centre was forced to transform into a virtual centre from the fall of 2016 in order to continue promoting positive education and social-emotional learning.

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To provide the Social-Emotional Learning Programme at schools and to deliver talks and workshops to students, parents, teachers, and corporates on topics about positive psychology/education, positive communication, social emotions, positive parenting and so forth.