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Party Lasts

About Us:

To help users to build their Last Party when they still available to, in order to prepare for worst and make sure family members understand user's wish.

SE Information:

Party Lasts
3689 4490
Room E, 7/F, China Overseas Building, 139 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, HK
Funding Source:
Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

1) Party planning service

To help user design their own Last Party and provide proposal for record through at least twice visits.

2) Life story record

To help record user's life story.

3) Party before death

To help users to arrange their Last Party before end of life, give a chance to participants to say the words they want to say.

4) Life and Death education workshop

To help participants get in touch with life and death education through workshops.

5) Tours

To arrange tours to cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral service providers and Gardens of Remembrance.