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Mushroom-X Limited

About Us:

Mushroom-X Limted is a social cnterprise with science background. We advocate "Mushroom can save the world". We address food security and global climate change issue through the application of our innovative mushroom technology. Mushroom-X develops climate-smart mushroom cultivation system for realizing precision farming in order to produce high quality mushrooms and biodegradable biomaterials. We develop innovative mushroom food produets especially for the aging population; Mushroom-X providcs technology services for farming industry and encourages local production; Meanwhile, Mushroom-X organizes unique mushroom STEAM workshops for local secondary and primary schools to promote sustainable development and raise environmental awareness of the general public.

SE Information:

Mushroom-X Limited
3489 2089
Room 22, Unit 111-113, 1/F, Enterprise Place, No. 5 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, NT

Product and Service

Mushroom-X Limited develops biotechnology-based mushroom technology platform, combining elements of DNA sequencing, loT automation technology and patent invented by our technical team. We are the initiator of"from gene to table". We perform DNA sequencing to authenticate and select species which are suitable for local cultivation and consists of specific nutrients. We also establish our cell bank by preserving the species. We develop substrate formula using food waste and urban waste and climate-smart mushroom cultivation system as to realize precision farming. In the aspect of food product development, we aim to produce high quality mushroom and develop innovative mushroom food products, especially targeting on the aging population. For the inedible part of mushroom, we turn the waste into a novel mycelium-based biomaterial. This new material is totally biodegradable and could be used as plastic substitutes and even construction materials. We provide technology services to the farming industry, including but not limited to DNA sequencing, providing selected spccies' germplasm, technology transfer and consultancy. We aim to safeguard our food safety and prompt local production.

Mushroom-X also tailor-makes unique mushroom STEAM workshops and offers consultancy services for local secondary and primary school students. We aim to promote the idea of sustainable development to our next generation. In addition, we hope to raise the environmental awareness and encourage mushroom consuinpton among the general public through education.