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About Us:

ECO Concepts believes protecting the earth and preserving our natural environment are the responsibilities of each and every one of us, hence our motto“ECO Attitude, EQUAL Responsibilities”. 

Our main goal is to provide more eco-friendly options to customers with the ECO products we designed & manufactured. This simple approach has effectively fuelled our growth since we opened our doors in 2014.

It is our experience and knowledge in sustainable & environmental-friendly materials that shape & differentiate our products from others in the market. Our products & services are designed to inspire & encourage customers to lead a more sustainable and green living. Always rethink, retain, reduce, reuse & recycle in their daily lives, together we can make our environment greener & better.

ECO Concepts logo is a traditional Chinese Yin-Yang motif embedded with a leaf, symbolizing the balance of the earth, and the harmony shared by human and environment.

It is time and it is up to us to do something to recover the balance, a balance that bears direct impact on our wellbeing as well as the nature around us.

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ECO Concepts
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Product and Service

Eco Concepts provides different environmental-friendly products & services, ideal for corporate gifts & retail purpose.

Our team has over 10 years’ experience in eco-friendly materials & products.  We are happy to assist you to select and explain which materials suits your needs &/or programmes.

1) Environmental-friendly products
Our signature products Eco Can Plus 330ml & Café Plus 400ml are reusable Eco Mugs made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is made from corn starch extract with NO plastic. It is biodegradable, compostable, BPA-free & toxic-free.

There are other reusable mugs, bottles, lunch boxes, bags… to promote “waste/plastic reduction” and “stop using disposable products”.


This year, we have added few NEW elements:

2) Work shop - to educate & encourage environmental protection. Work shop can be designed for a one-off programme or mid to long-term courses.

3) Snacks for Vegan – all locally-made for healthy diet & living, e.g. cookies, snacks, Dragon Boat rice dumplings, mooncakes… Custom label is welcome

4) Healthy bottle-drinks – all locally-made and bottled, including cold drip coffee, organic herbal tea, Chinese sweets, floral teas, fruit teas… Custom label is welcome

*Schools, brands, and corporate with ESG & CSR programmes who aim to promote environmental protection &/or support local brands, can combine several products to make a custom-made gift set that aligns with different events, seasonal activities, and festivals.