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About Us:

The Project Futurus explores the future of aging through community education, volunteer service and content development.

As a social enterprise, we are committed to becoming the agent of change and thought leader to create a positive and supportive environment for the aged and active agers through the showcase of the innovative products and services. We hope to reimagine the future of ageing and to explore the many possibilities ahead of us.

Through aging technology & products, and cultural contents, we hope to engage and collaborate with stakeholders across different industry to promote a healthy aging lifestyle and foster a supportive environment for the active agers, which can also enhance intergenerational awareness and community engagement through education and sharing.

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The Project Futurus
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G/F, Hing Yip Centre, 72-76 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, NT
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Product and Service

The Project Futurus focuses on three areas of development:

1. Promoting aging innovation
Our studio features products from across sectors including start-ups from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), social enterprises, and products from overseas. We have also created social media platforms with informative but easy-to-understand content. Through education and community engagement, we will continue to explore topics on the future of aging and foster an age-friendly environment in Hong Kong. 

2. Advocating elderly dining with dignity
Through our information platform and mascot Captain Softmeal, we are committed to promoting dignified elderly diet to enable elders and patients with dysphagia to enjoy food in a safe and dignified manner. The improved shapes and forms of "Softmeal" are able to enhance elders’ appetite and nutritional intake. We hope to raise public awareness on elders’ quality of life and ease the burden of caregiving.

3. Creating positive awareness for the eldercare industry
With first-hand elder care operation experience, we are eager to share our experience and global aged care practices with students, professionals and the community. We are committed to transforming the public perception of the elder care industry. We hope to encourage more youth to service those in need and foster a positive and caring community.

Apart from these, The Project Futurus also offers institutions marketing and advertising services. With a deep knowledge about consumers, products and services in the healthcare and aged care sector, we combine creativity and market insights to help brands communicate more effectively about their offerings and benefits.

In addition, we have formed a volunteer team that is passionate to serve the society. We continue to contribute to the community and help people in need.