Sai Kung Canoe Training Centre & Water Sports Club

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About Us:

Starting from the 1970s, hte Sai Kung District Community Centre has organized a variety of water activities and training programs for residents in the district, and has trained many young people and representatives of Hong Kong canoeing over the years. The Sai Kung Canoe Training Centre and Water Activities Park is a social enterprise under the jurisdiction of the Sai Kung District Community Centre, with the service mission of "professional guidance, energetic experience, and safe participation", providing everyone with a different experience journey while promoting water sports.
In addition, by utilizing Sai Kung's unique natural and geological resources, activating local labor, and adding elements of canoeing ecological tours, the center trains professional coaches and tour guides to lead participants in fun activities while promoting ecological conservation and water safety.

SE Information:

Sai Kung Canoe Training Centre & Water Sports Club
27921762 /27989073
Sa Ha Road, Sai Kung

Product and Service

  1. Canoe / Dragon Boat Experience: Designed for beginners, suitable for children and families.
  2. Canoe Certificate Course / Youth Development Program: Designed for advanced participants, suitable for young people, enthusiasts, and individuals who aspire to become athletes.
  3. Experience Journey / Ecological Tour: Enjoy safe and pleasant paddling, and visit different ecological attractions with professional tour guides.
  4. Organization / Corporate Team Training: Fun day, exploring Sai Kung, chalenging new skils, or high-intensity training, suitable for corporate and institutional team building activities.