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About Us:

Y Senior Care provides elders with one-stop home care rehabilitation treatment and training, which is dedicated to providing diversified cross-professional rehabilitation and care service to help Ageing-in-Place. Besides, Y Senior Care provides job training and employment opportunity for the youths to enter nursing industry, and also assists middle-aged women and retirees in job transformation.

SE Information:

Y Senior Care
2700 1750
2700 1755
2/F, No.5 Man Fuk Road, Waterloo Road Hill, KLN
Funding Source:
The Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme

Product and Service

Y Senior Care provides home-based rehabilitation treatment, home care service, and training for carers, in order to help the elderly age in place.

  • Home rehabilitation treatment and training
  • Training for foreign domestic helpers
  • Remote rehabilitation service
  • Home care and support service
  • Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly