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About Us:

Dedicated to promoting the many faces of Incense culture like China, Japan, Nepal and Hong Kong through various activities and collaborations with NGOs and craftsmen, such as handmade incense products, workshops (Dragon-shaped Incense, Japanese-style Incense, Incense Stick, Tibetan Incense and Rope Incense), field trips to farmland in New Territories, and art work exhibition. We maintain close and long-term partnership with our collaborators and our work has been widely reported by media.

SE Information:

okapi studio
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Room B5, Flat B, 10/F Chiap King Industrial Building, 114 King Fuk Street, San Po Kong, KLN

Product and Service

Sourcing aromatic plants and woody herbs locally and internationally, okapi INCENSE and Handmade Incense bring to you scents that transcend physical boundaries and reinterpret the traditional craftsmanship of incense-making. Depending on your mood and the circumstances, you can light different incense sticks to give you a soothing ambience that relaxes your body and your mind. The incense is not only a product of nature, it also gives back to nature as incense ashes can be used as fertiliser. By pouring the ashes to the soil, it not only nurtures the plants but also "closes the loop" in an urban environment.