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Sharing Kitchen

About Us:

The project aims to recruit the grassroots or middle-aged persons for food production by making use of the kitchens of six existing restaurants during non-peak hours. The food produced will be sold on-site. This project not only alleviates labour shortage of the restaurants and helps them develop new products and increase revenue, but also boosts the confidence of the grassroots and motivates them to work and earn a living.

SE Information:

Sharing Kitchen
3482 0622
3003 6224
Rm 12, G/F, Yuet Kwai Hse, Tin Yuet Est., Tin Shiu Wai, N.T.
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

Sharing Kitchen provides different foodstuff and drinks following with different themes of each restaurant, including: breakfast, side dishes, herbal tea and night snack etc.