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WE.Shalom International Limited

About Us:

WE.Shalom International Ltd. is a social enterprise set up in Hong Kong with a mission to promote the economic and holistic development of small-scale farmers in remote areas of Xinjiang, China, as well as to offer the high quality health products which enable our consumers to support the farmers and achieve holistic health.

SE Information:

WE.Shalom International Limited
9243 6644
Room 1402, 14/F Commerce Tower, 263 Reclamation St., Yaumatei, KLN

Product and Service

Ecologically grown natural health products

  • Herbal tea
  • Snow Chrysanthemum, black goji berry, juglans
  • Healthy dried fruit: mulberry, walnut

Fair trade advocacy:

  • Facebook, website, tea-tasting workshop
  • Supporting our social enterprise partners in exhibition to promote fair trade, social enterprise & wholelistic healthy lifestyle
Pass the Cup of Hope  Let people feeling Blessings and Hope

Pass the Cup of Hope Let people feeling Blessings and Hope

Customers can enjoy discount on purchasing at least 5 sets of any WE.Shalom Christmas Giftboxes (more incentive will be offered with order at or over 20 boxes) directly from WE.Shalom. 

Retail price of Christmas Gift Set:
A – Snow Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea 13g* + High Mountain Walnut Cookies 100g# (Retail Price: HKD120/box)
B - Snow Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea 13g* + High Mountain Walnut Kernel 100g*  (Retail Price: HKD90.00/box)

*  Passing the pesticide residues (481 items) and heavy metals tests (7 items) conducted by the internationally certification company in Hong Kong to ensure safe consumption for our products

# Walnut kernel of the cookies are provided by WE.Shalom International Limited and the cookies are produced by Cartias La Vie Bakery

In addition, corporate and individual customers are welcome to subscribe the “Lovely Giftbag Sharing Program 2021 – Christmas Page” with either HKD200 / 400 / 600 / 800^ or above for us to buy the HKD85@ Christmas Giftbag.  All purchased giftbags will be given to The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Limited will distribute the bags to the vulnerable low-income mi

nority ethnic people in Hong Kong before the Christmas time in 2021.  In return, you can support the small-scale farmer in Xinjiang as well by purchasing the giftbag. And, the giftbag recipients can enjoy your blessings during the joyful season.

^ One more giftbag will be given for every FOUR giftbags subscription amount received by WE. Shalom.  We hope to pass the Cup of Hope among our society locally and Xinjiang, China with learning how to enjoy the bless more from giving than receiving.

Closing date for two Christmas Gift Set direct purchase and Lovely Giftbag Sharing Program 2021 – Christmas Page: is December 1, 2021.

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