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SE Application form for Social Angel Programme

Please not that Social Enterprise Advancement Program (Social Angel Programme) will only accept applications for social enterprises listed in the SE Directory published by the SEBC.

Basic Information

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Contact details

Project Description

Advisory Scope

Project Planning


Important Notice

Please read the following carefully before submitting this application

  1. Please write down the detailed information of project for purpose of consultancy matching.

  3. SE must assign at least one correspondence or manager for following up the progress.

  5. SE must keep all the market or related information confidential and is obliged to analyze and adopt the consultancy recommendations after signing the confidential agreement. Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and voluntary business consultants are not responsible for the loss accompanied by, if any.

  7. SE should submit a project report after the project consultation, to summarize impacts and effectiveness of the project, as well as an evaluation on services provided by the consultants.

  9. Since the programme is on voluntary basis, HKCSS does not guarantee the matching of consultation services is successful. SE is obliged to participate in the whole programme (promised consulting duration). The chairman of committee and/ or department head must inform and explain the reason of withdrawal in writing, in case of termination of projects.

  11. The data provided in this form will be used for recruitment purposes and may also be used for purposes related to the programme. If there are any subsequent changes to the information provided, matters relating to accessing data after submission of the application form or further enquiries on the programme, please contact us.