Result of the Survey on Responsible Procurement

SE Promotion

Sponsored by the Home Affairs Department, Social Enterprise Business Centre conducted a survey on social procurement, which aims at increasing understanding of current procurement practices of local business and various organisations. By identifying challenges and opportunities of responsible procurement from the survey, we hope to encourage B2B procurement from social enterprises and thus to promote the development of social enterprises in Hong Kong. The survey result from 196 organisations and corporate is as follows.

Institutional Information

Factors to Be Considered for Procurement

Procurement Policy to Be Used

Have a Formulated Responsible Procurement Policy

Types of Responsible Procurement Policy

Code of Conduct to Be Set for Suppliers

Procured in the Past 12 Months

With an Attempt to Procure

Types of SE Products/ Services Procured

Percentage of SE Procurement (of all procurement)

Estimated Spending on Average

Reasons of not Procuring from SEs

Ways of Incentivizing Institution to Procure from SEs