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Application Form for Social Angel (Voluntary Business Consultant) Social Enterprise Advancement Programme 16/17

Criteria and Commitments of a Social Angel:

  • With at least 3 years (or above) of working experience
  • Commit to assigned project lasting between 3 to 12 months (varies across project nature)
  • Flexible schedule for working class
  • Assist in formulating project scope and provide support in project implementation

Eligible Social Angels will benefit in the various aspects:

  • Orientation
  • Consultation Training
  • Building Social Awareness
  • Recognition
  BLUE Angel GREEN Angel
  • Advanced from Green Social Angel, contributed at least 15 or above consultation hours
  • Certified by completion of training programme
  • Recommended by social enterprise(s)
  • 3 years or above work experience
Consultation All Level Engagement
  • Once-off advisory service
  • Short-term, project-based consultation
  • In-depth consultation and incubation
Elementary Level
  • Once-off advisory service
  • Short-term, project-based consultation
  • Customized Certification Training
  • Priority enrollment to SEBC training workshops [1]
  • Orientation
  • Training session
  • Completion of Certification Training
  • Contribute to one or above consultation project, with no less than 15 consultation hours in 1 year
  • Minimum contribute 6 hours consultation hours in 1 year.
Recognition Certification of Appreciation
  • Certification of Appreciation
  • Advance to BLUE Angel
    (see Eligibility)

1. Excluded fee-charging / certification programmes. SEBC reserves the ultimate rights.

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Important Notice

Please read the following carefully before submitting this application

  1. This application only serves the recruitment purpose of this programme. SEBC will match individuals to projects according to the applicant’s experiences and the needs of the consultation projects. Our staff will contact suitable applicants where appropriate.
  2. Volunteer Business Consultants will be requested to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement and declare conflict of interests before embarking on the consultation service.
  3. The personal data provided in this form will be used for recruitment purposes and may also be used for purposes related to the programme. If there are any subsequent changes to the information provided, matters relating to accessing one’s personal data after submission of the application form or further enquiries on the programme, please contact us.