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About Us:

Rolling Books is a social enterprise to promote reading experience. With the concept of mobile pop-up libraries and events, we are bringing interactive and engaging reading activities to schools and caring communities, aiming to inspire children to seek their lifelong companionship with books. We partner with a diversity of organisations for innovation projects to promote reading accessibility and sustainable knowledge, aiming to connect a new generation of readers in the challenging digital age.

SE Information:

Rolling Books
9442 5697
Rolling Puzzle, Room 608, CCT Telecom Building, 11 Wo Shing Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, NT
Funding Source:
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Product and Service

Rolling School:
Providing reading experience-related activities to kindergarten, primary, secondary, and tertiary school students. The items include storytelling performances at the school hall, storytelling and arts and crafts in classrooms, online reading events, outdoor reading events, secondary & tertiary school students' experiential learning, Parent Teacher Association reading event, and additional shooting service.

One Seventh Bookshops:
Bookshop owners incubation program, recruiting seven units to operate one whole bookshop as well as managing their own parts of the bookshop such as book theme selection. The participants could get a taste of being a bookshop owner. Since 2021, we have completed 4 cohorts, they were located at Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel, Tai Nan Street, CC Wu Building, and hostel Wontonmeen.

One Seventh Store:
A retail shop selling second-hand children books and social enterprises’ products in Sham Shui Po. With the price as low as 5 HKD, we sell very affordable second-hand children books to parents in the community to provide them with a chance of getting high-quality children books at a lower price. Also, we collaborate with different social enterprises on consignment sales of their products, this promotes and introduces their innovating and valuable products to the Sham Shui Po neighborhood. Besides, we hold storytelling events twice a month and free book distribution events once a month.

Ro Ro Ro your Books: Community Reading for Resilience:
By refitted a retired taxi into a book car, we bring the book car to go into community centers and schools to hold reading-related events, such as book distribution and storytelling.

Second-hand children books recycling:
Accepting book donations all year round, the donated books would be used for supporting our events and reselling.