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About Us:

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (‘SCHSA’) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit charitable organisation with a self-financing model. Today it is one of the most established social enterprises in Hong Kong. SCHSA provides Care-on-Call Service, a comprehensive 24/7 support service consisting of emergency aid, integrated care, around-the-clock vigilance service, health management, and day-to-day living assistance. The Association also provides training and workshops to the elderly and their family and caregivers. In addition, SCHSA’s EasyHome Services provide at-home care to elderly consisting of elderly care, medical escort, house cleaning and rehabilitation services. SCHSA strives to enable elderly to age in place and lead quality lives independently. SCHSA innovates and leverages technology to deliver people-centric services.

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eCare Link®Mobile App
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S2, 2/F, Oi Man Plaza, Ho Man Tin, KLN

Product and Service

Features of the eCare Link® app include advanced medication reminder, which uses medicinal images to remind users to take medicine according to a preset schedule. In addition our Care-on-Call Service Call Centre will make outpatient appointments for users of the app and remind them of the appointments. 

Family members and caregivers can also keep track of the users’ whereabouts, medication status, medical appointment schedule etc. via our eCare Link® downloaded to their smartphones.

eCare Link® app works in conjunction with our Care-on-Call Service that offers not only 24/7 emergency support, but also our unique Vigilance Service that keeps watch over our users around the clock.  So family members and caregivers can have peace of mind.

SCHSA’s Vigilance Service includes:
● Proactive detection - If a user has not used or moved his/her smartphone for over a day*, our Call Centre will contact the user or his/her family members to ensure the user is safe.  
● Emergency aid - In emergencies, our Call Centre can remotely activate the telephone function on the user’s smartphone with eCare Link® app.  This will allow our team to call out for user to respond and proactively assess user’s situation.
● Low power alert – When the smartphone’s power level drops below 20%, our Call Centre will call the user to remind him/her to charge his/her phone to ensure safety.

*The User’s smartphone and eCare Link® app need to be functioning normally. ‘Mobility’ is based on the mobile phone manufacturer's definition.