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About Us:

Plain Hiker is an outdoor education institute established by a group of local hiking amateurs. Our aim is to rebuild the harmonious connection with nature by designing, planning and guiding hiking trail journeys with specific theme for different groups.

The interaction between men and nature affects the future ecology of the earth. The missions of Plain Hiker are:

  • Cultivate people's interest in contacting and understanding nature
  • Foster the hiking culture, and empower disadvantagedgroups by providing them opportunities to enjoy in nature
  • Arouse people's awareness of environmental conservationand promote sustainable development

Plain Hiker was awarded the Social Innovation Leadership Award from the Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK in 2019. Let us all learn to be in awe, to appreciate and praise nature, and comprehend the true meaning of life.

SE Information:

Plain Hiker
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13D, Camel Paint Building Block 1, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, KLN

Product and Service

1. The Nature Classroom
Living in a concrete jungle, our relationship with the Earth is getting distant, and we have fewer opportunities to contact with nature. It gives rise to a phenomenon called "Nature Deficit Disorder", as put forward by the well-known American writer Richard Louv. In addition to affecting the ability of human beings adapting to the environment, the most fundamental love for nature and the awareness of protecting the Earth will diminish. In this class, instructors from Plain Hiker will design different activities according to specific themes, such as map reading, natural disasters, animals and plants etc. Task cards will be provided to lead participants to complete different tasks.

2. PD® in the Wild
Personality Dimensions® (PD), a psychological instrument developed by experts in Canada, will be adopted in PD in the Wild. Based on a foundation of solid research, PD gives participants a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, values, needs, and how they perceive the world. Instructors from Plain Hiker will conduct the workshop in the wild, where participants can learn to appreciate and respect differences by recognizing the contributions and strengths everyone brings, through interactive and interesting outdoor activities.

3. Wild Fire Journey
What should we do if we want to make a fire in the wild, while no lighter is available, and there is not enough time for drilling wood? Instructors from Plain Hiker will lead the participants to make a fire and cook food using the most primitive materials in the wild. Participants will be guided to search for the necessary materials in the surrounding environment, and the instructors will explain the principles of starting a fire. The procedures of making a fire using flintstones will be demonstrated.

4. Mindful Hiking Journey
Under the guidance of the instructors from Plain Hiker, participants can practice mindful hiking, in which they could slow down their pace, awaken their five senses, feel their own breath and listen to the surrounding. Participants can enjoy the panoramic view at the peak, while establishing a deep and healing relationship with nature. Instructors will conduct a debriefing session to review the special moments from the mindful hiking and get prepared for the future with the participants.