LP Centre for Childhood and Adolescence Development

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About Us:

LPC-CAD was set up in Jordan, a core urban area of Kowloon, to provide temritory wide services for ASD/SEN children and adolescents, helping them to become less dependent for activities of daily living and more prepared for social integration.

LPC-CAD emphasizes the value of self-reliance. Through active participation in the Centre's therapeutic and developmental services, parents and caregivers are facilitated on a self-help platform, to carry out home-training for their ASD/SEN kids, which serves to lessen their financial and emotional pressure.

Also, LPC-CAD employs individuals from disadvantaged groups from temritory wide districts and neighboring areas.

SE Information:

LP Centre for Childhood and Adolescence Development
2915 1148
8343 0018
5/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, KLN
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

Services and opportunities available at LPC-CAD including:

(1) Sensory Integration (SI) Therapy
(2) Preschool developmental groups
(3) Supportive networks for families with ASD/SEN kids
(4) Employment and/or vocational training opportunities for:
- ASD/SEN school leavers
- Parents and caregivers of ASD/SEN kids
- People with limited education and skills
- Elderlies and retired people