Foodcycle Plus Company Limited

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About Us:

Founded in 2013, FoodCycle+ is a brand derived from Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre Limited (HKOWRC) FoodCycle+ aims to complete the eco-cycle by returning the organic waste as important nutrients to the local food production loop through our recycling and agricultural services. Numbers of food factories and catering companies have joined our organic waste recycling service, and tons of organic waste is diverted from landfill and recycled everyday into Low Carbon Upcycled Food related products (e.g. Fresh Veggie & Edible Mushroom, Animal feed and compost and Home Growing kit) FoodCycle+ R&D works to develop advanced biotechnology developed locally are well supported by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and local institutions.

SE Information:

Foodcycle Plus Company Limited
2671 8130
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12 Kam Chui Road, Kam Tsin Tsuen, Shueng Shui, NT
Funding Source:
Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

There are three Products/Service streams from FoodCycle+:
- Organic Waste Collection Service
- CSR Reporting and Marketing Service
- Selling of Agricultural Products, including High Protein Feed, Nature Compost, Local Veggie and Mushroom and Soy Pulp Cat litter